The transparent Amica

The great classics to enjoy with your eyes. Just one pack where you can see the quality: just potatoes, salt and sunflower oil. Love at first sight!

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The golden Amica

Real Friend of tradition. As good as they were in past times, even chunkier and crunchier, like the ones grandma made. The most precious recipe!

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The gourmet Amica

Special encounter between potato chips and gourmet.

Chunkier and more crunchy. This is the Chef’s favourite Amica.

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The Amica treat

The pleasure of enjoying a tasty treat. A fresh look, lots of special varieties and an unmistakeable flavour. Perfect for sharing with friends. Just crunch it to believe it.

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The Mexican Amica

Italian in its soul, Mexican in its taste. These potato chips are made with Mais Masa flour following a traditional Muy Ricas recipe. Just one crunch, and you’re in Mexico.

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The aperitif Amica

The appetizer that enlivens an aperitif. Ideal accompaniment for a drink at home or at a bar and a delicious snack to enjoy while chatting away.

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The party Amica

A feast for the palate. A maxi sized pack for maxi fun: the snacks that make your parties unique. Come, have fun and try them all!

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The ever-ready Amica

The Amica that never deserts you. Handy to always carry around with you, also the ideal snack for kids. Small size, big taste.

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The tasty Amica

All the goodness of simplicity. These crunchy crackers are the oven-baked delights created to accompany any meal and to start an appetising break. What’s more, they’re healthier too…..

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The waking-up Amica

What’s for breakfast? Crispy in milk or yoghurt, Corn Flakes are a must for a great start to the day. So let’s get started….

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The peanut Amica

One leads to another! Like potato chips they have always been iconic for an aperitif at home just like in a bar … and they’re gone in an instant.

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La rivoluzione ALFREDO'S è appena iniziata con le "Dritte in tavola"

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Arriva il primo caldo, che ne dite di una pausa snack all'aria aperta? Bi-Bip è il mini grissino di Amica Chips ide…

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Il 22 maggio, giorno di S.Rita, protettrice delle missioni impossibili è da sempre una data importante per Amica Ch…

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