You can trust an “Amica” (Friend)

It was truly thanks to a friendship that Amica Chips was founded, and now we want to celebrate this important value. Think about a friend. What have you been through together? How often do you smile just thinking about some of your memories? That’s what inspired us when we started out on this adventure: happiness, time spent together, the pleasure of being in each other’s company. Potato chips awaken a desire to party in all of us, at every crunch. And those are the emotions that inspire us every day, because for us, potato chips are like friends: you can never have enough of them.

1990 – “Birth of a great friendship”

It’s the early ’90s. Computers are starting to appear in homes: it’s a time of innovation and progress for everyone. But Amica Chips are founded on tradition and above all on great friendship. And that’s how, two friends, Alfredo Moratti and Andrea Romanòcreated this little company in Castiglione delle Stiviere which as we’ll see soon became famous.

1991 – “You know these potato chips are really good”

The two friends get the most famous supermarkets to sample their potato chips. Success is immediate and after just one year Amica Chips are available in mass markets.

1994 – “New recipes”

These are the years when Alfredo Moratti and Andrea Romanò experiment: they come up with new recipes and new snacks to extend the Amica Chips product range.

1996 – “New Friends”

A time to start acquisitions. Amica Chips buys Dorita, a brand of snacks based in Mantua, and with one crunch welcomes them to the circle of best Friends.

1998 – “The company grows”

The company continues its expansion by acquiring Pandal, a brand based in Milan specialising in snacks, croutons and corn flakes. All the production is transferred to Castiglione delle Stiviere.

1999 – “A Golden Year”

Alfredo and Andrea discover new more handcrafted chips while they are at a food fair in Chicago. And so, inspired by this journey, they decide to create Eldorada, the first chunkier Amica with the taste of “past times”. The partners start a specific production process to make it and the result is a potato chip with a more homemade and rustic flavour, but this time it’s wholly Italian.

2002 > 2004 – “The family gets bigger”

First Oscarand then Laura, two of Alfredo Moratti’s children, officially join the company and lay the foundations for the future development of the brand.

2004– “Another Amica”

There’s no stopping Amica Chips now. They also acquire Mia, a well-known snack company based in Triveneto.

2006 – “Potatoes Heros”

The brand reaches the wider public on TV too, with an ad which gets talked about. Rocco Siffredi becomes the testimonial and stars in the ironic campaign “La patatina tira” and everyone has something to say about it.

2016– “The chips of the number ones”

Amica Chips reach the top spot: Gigi Buffon becomes the testimonial of the brand. He is the perfect ambassador of the brand values like quality, consistency and above all transparency. The campaign enjoys enormous success: among the number ones we mean.


By now Amica Chips is the leading brand in the potato chips market: a company of 40,000 square meters, with more than 250 employees and turnover of more than 89 million euros. Amica Chips are exported to more than 20 countries all over the world. And the story goes on……